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At Birthmark of Africa® our research and projects are dedicated to climate change, the exploration of human rights violations and disparities faced by both people of African descent living in the United Kingdom and the wider African diaspora. From our findings, we then produce reports in order to contribute to the field of existing knowledge and to influence change. Our research team at Birthmark of Africa® have extensive knowledge and  experience. We are available to be commissioned for research, reports and consultation roles upon the following issues:-




Human Rights Violations

Climate Change

Diversity and Inclusion

Reparative Justice

Social Justice

Amicus Curiae Brief 

Stop and Search

The Criminal Justice System

Restorative Justice

Nutrition Physiology

Transatlantic Slave Trade & 

Gangs and Knife Crime Prevention

Unconscious Bias Awareness

Racial Trauma 

Gender Equality

Racial Justice


The Ongoing Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Britain 

Black Skin
No Sin

Climate Change
& the African


October 2021 - May 2024

Is there an ongoing legacy of the transatlantic slave trade in contemporary Britain? Should the descendants of enslaved Africans be given reparations? Should the British public pay? 


As a part of our important project in conjunction with the University of West London by joining our seminars, reading our publications and filling in our questionnaire.


November 2021 - June 2024

Have you ever been made to feel like your Black skin was a badge of shame rather than honour? Ever wondered why Black person are 9 times more likely to be stopped and searched than a white person. 

Join our workshops and lectures on this perplex and ongoing subject.


December 2021 - November 2024


How does climate change affect people of African descent? How will the African Diaspora overcome the challenges and impacts of the climate crisis. What are the solutions?

As a part of this important project, join our seminars, read our publications and fill in our questionnaire.

When Black Women Speak 


February 2022 - January 2025

Enhancing the voices of Black women in the UK and throughout the African Diaspora. This event will explore contemporary biases faced by Black women in various areas of life, their origins, entrenched legacies and, identify effective tools which can be used to overcome them.


We will explore biases that are found in the following areas: education, career progression, migration, travel, health, wellbeing, social mobility to intergenerational mobility. Aspects of intersectionality will also be discussed including sexism and racism alongside providing effective tools that may be used to overcome such biases.


Each of our projects at Birthmark of Africa® is complimented with a series of seminars, workshops and lectures. We also provide training

upon various subject area and disciplines including, human rights and the law, equality and diversity, reparative justice, race equality, race 

disparities, climate change, the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade and Black British History.


For bespoke training, please contact us.  


Birthmark of Africa® is all about making a positive change. Our research and reports permit us to contribute to vital commissions and conversations with policy makers to influence change both at national and international levels

Birthmark of Africa® further offers research and advisory consultancy upon

a range of areas and disciplines including race equality, race disparities, archiving and cataloguing historical artefacts connect to the transatlantic slave trade, reparative justice, race inclusion, stop and search, climate change and the Windrush Compensation Scheme. 


For bespoke research and advisory consultancy, please contact us.  

Image by Hussain Badshah


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