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Your Participation & Consent.

Before you participate in this project you may review the information below and decide whether or not to give your consent to participate.


•    Participation in this project is voluntary and you are free to stop at any time. Your report is automatically saved as you fill it in and if you do not complete it the data will be recorded as incomplete.

•    It is not possible to withdraw your response once you have submitted the survey as we do not have any way to identify individual submissions.

•   By participating in this project you consent for your response to be added to the University of West London archive and be used as both part of the principal researcher’s PhD thesis and for academic purposes (reports, publications, presentations etc).

•    Your contribution will remain anonymous and confidential. 

Who is the Principal Researcher?.

The principal researcher is Priscellia Robinson, an MPhil/PhD student with the School of Human and Social Sciences within the University of West London. Priscellia Robinson may be contacted via the email address 

How will the data be used?.

Will my participation and my data be kept confidential? Will it be anonymised? .

The data from this survey will be both anonymous and kept securely in line with the data management policy of the University of West London. The data shared remains anonymous throughout the research process and will only be seen by the principal researcher and her supervisors, Professor Maddie Ohl, Professor Kwame Akuffo and Professor Verene Shepherd (the research team). No identifying information will be stored and all data will be held in accordance with GDPR. 

The Study's Ethics Review.

This study has undergone an ethics review in accordance with the University of West London - Research Ethics Governance Policy and adheres to the British Society of Criminology (2015) and British Sociological Association (2017) code of ethics. 

Glossary of Terms and Definitions.

For a full glossary of terms/definitions used within this survey, please click here.

The principal researcher intends to use the collected interview data for her doctoral research project, to be written up as a PhD thesis, published as academic journals and as the basis for future research towards reports, publications and presentations etc.

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